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Are you interested in wine? If so you won’t want to miss these valuable wine information apps. You’ll fine lots of useful information on these wine guide apps.

With the right wine information you be able to pair your meal with flavorful wines. Find the best prices and keep notes on all your favorite wines. Use the wine guide to search for recipes, select the appropriate wine for every special occasion.

Now have the app you need when you go wine tasting. You can find a winery by tasting fee, picnic areas, dog friendly and a number of other valuable information to make your tour a successful day.

If you have an app with great wine information to suggest scroll down and submit.

Natalie MacLean: Wine Pairings
Natalie MacLean: Wine Picks & Pairings
Natalie MacLean

2.5 STARS out of 5
Never mind the rating, This is a great app.

4 STARS out of 5 Android

The technology critic for the New York Times gave the iPhone wine app, which is identical in content and features to the Android app, a great review in the paper yesterday (8/17/2011).

Natalie MacLean has created an easy to use and informative app with lots of wine information, winery guide and a fun weird wine facts.

You will learn what food and wine pair together and find recipes in all food categories. Create a grocery list and take it with you.

Get recommendations of a wine for holidays, special occasions and for special people in your life. Plus another fun page of wine quotes. The wine quotes was an unexpected find that was a surprise to me.

Natalie MacLean's Android version of this wine app is equal to the iPhone version. Spectacular! You gotta give it a try.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android™

Tasting Pass Finder
Tasting Pass Finder - Napa Valley Sonoma Wine Country
By eConcierges
4.5 STARS out of 5 uses this app to get wine information when visiting wineries.

Most wineries charge $5 per person to $20 per person for wine tasting. This GPS enabled app instantly finds FREE Tastings, 2 for 1 Tastings and other deals closest to you. The app provides mapped directions + turn by turn driving directions leading you directly to each winery/business.

Simply show the app and - You saved yourself some serious $$$$

** Currently features over 75+ tasting offers/deals from participating wineries/businesses located in Napa Valley & Sonoma County of California Wine Country.

**** All offers are approved by participating winery/business ****

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Memorable Wines
By Peters Kimmerly Design Associates
4.5 STARS out of 5

This user friendly app, Memorable Wines allows you to create your own wine guide. Take a picture of the wine label, add notes by tapping check-boxes or using the voice memo button. This also includes an editing feature. At a later date you will be able to add more taste note, food pairings or web link information. You will be able to share your wine information via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email.

Must 17 or older to download this app

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Hello Vino - Wine Recommendations
Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations
By Drive Thru Interactive
4 STARS out of 5

Great updates: Still a helpful app with lot of wine information for you to use with easy to follow instructions.

Standing in the grocery store, I remembered to use this app. This app helped me pick the right wine for dinner select the Wine with a Meal feature. I was not disappointed with the recommendation.

Take a picture of the label for reviews and information about the wine. If you truly want to remember a wine, select save or review, and it is saved for later use.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android™
Applied Ambiguities
3.5 STARS out of 5

This wine guide app is well-rounded. It included a price comparisons, and a huge database of wine. Select pedia for a dictionary of definitions, select my cellar for a list of your favorite wines. You create the list.

You will be able to connect to your friends on facebook and twitter for instant sharing of the wine you are drinking and your thoughts on the wine. A way to share with a friend who could not be with you.

A very useful wine guide also included.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Pair It! - Wine and Food Guide
Pair It! – Wine and Food Guide
Bandar Interactive
3.5 STARS out of 5

A wine guide that gives you the wine information that you need.

Expert, chef and educator Bruce Riezenman help you select the best wine fr your meal. He helps you match over 180 varieties of wine with 1,000 food items.

Check out he bottom of the app. FOOD: Search for food recipes with wine as an ingredient. WINE: write wine information to remember and share on facebook. SWIRL: Swirl or shake to find pairing of food and wine you might not have thought of. PAIRINGS: Have a wine? At Pairings, you can remember which favorite meals goes with that wine, or Chef Bruce can select a meal that pairs wonderfully.

PAID Version:

PAID Version: - Android™

Wine Events Guide
Wine Events
3 STARS out of 5

This is a wine guide but is a calendar of events for most all wine, food, beer and spirits. You will be able to find events within a short distance of your current location or a specific city or area.

Select CURRENT LOCATION: You will find a listing of events. By selecting an event you will get Name of event, City, and Dates. The next selection gives you specific event information. Address, cost, and map.

Select A CITY: Get a listing of city where you might have plans to be or create a fun day out with your friends. You will be able to map your day!

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version: Android™


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