Best Star Constellation Finder

Looking for a star constellation? Open up a whole new world of wonderment and knowledge for yourself, your family and friends.

Be the hit of the night with the app that can answer all the questions.

Have yourself a fantastic night.

  • Gaze the night sky with the app that will help you find all the constellations.

  • Know which planets you can see and which are under the horizon.

  • Add another dimension of fun to camping, kayaking, early evening strolls.

    I can quickly find the Big Dipper and Orion. I always need to pull out the iPhone to tell me what I am looking at in the sky. However you use the app. It will entertain you and you might learn something.

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    By Q Continuum
    4.5 STARS out of 5

    3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers. I find this a simple and accurate app to use. I point my smartphone up to the sky and I choose between the Sky 2D: locate planets with flat view of sky OR the Sky 3D: planetarium style to find the star constellation I want. There is a chart to find out when the planet will be visible. And two fun globes. A rotating 3D globe of the planet Earth and the moon. This free version seems to give the cost conscious beginner a great place to start.

    FREE Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

    Star Chart
    Escapist Games limited
    4.5 STARS out of 5

    A great Android app. Just point to the star constellation and you will know what you are looking at. The Star Chart will tell you.

    Using state of the art GPS technology, an accurate 3D universe, and all of the latest high tech functionality, Star Chart calculates – in real time - the current location of every star and planet visible from Earth and shows you precisely where they are; even in broad daylight!

    Want to know what that bright star is called? Point your device at it – you might just find out it’s a planet!

    Want to know what the night sky looks like to people on the other side of the earth? Well just point your device down!

    Want to know where your star sign is in the sky? Star Chart will tell you all this and more. There is a lot of information on the screen. Read it and learn about the skies.

    PAID Version: Android

    Star Walk - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide
    By Vito Technology Inc.
    4.5 STARS out of 5

Star Walk enables you to point your iPhone at the sky and see what star constellations, and satellites you are looking at in real-time. Please note, you will need a 3GS/4/4th gen iPod Touch for motion tracking, otherwise this app will be just a beautiful info-packed time-sensitive interactive star atlas that allows you to set your location manually to give you the most accurate picture.


- Star Spotter - real time motion tracking tells you what stars are above you in the sky;
- Satellites Tracking - never miss ISS flying over your head again;
- Time Machine - see what the sky looks like at any moment in the past or future;
- Calendar of Celestial Events: plan stargazing without leaving your favorite app.
- Picture of the Day - stunning pictures from deep space;
- Night Mode - preserve your dark vision to see more stars;
- Search - wondering where Jupiter is right now? Arrow will guide you to it;
- Big Screen - connect a second display to view the sky on a big screen.
+ AirPrint, Moon Phases, Info, View from any location, and more!

*No internet connection required*

    PAID Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod

    PAID Version: - iPad

    Google Sky Map
    Google Inc.
    4.5 STARS out of 5

    Your Android-powered mobile phone and device will open up the night sky for you. The star constellation and planets will all be identified for you if you like. Point the device up into the sky, the planets, the stars, the constellations, the space debris and satellites are all identified. You can turn different ones off and on as you want. The best thing about this app is the SEARCH feature. Type in what you need to find, let's say Jupiter. A circle with a pointer appears. Move the device in the direction of the arrow and you will find Jupiter. It will find it even if it beneath the horizon. My astronomy loving husband thought this was a great app.

    FREE Version: Android

    GoSkyWatch Planetarium -
    the astronomy star guide
    By GoSoftWorks
    5 STARS out of 5

    A fun way to find star constellations. Point the iPad up to the heavens and the silhouette of the constellation appears. Scan the night sky and see the names of the blips you see in the sky. No internet connection necessary except if you want to know about the blip tap the screen and more information about the planet will appear for you.

    If you wonder about the sky below the horizon, point the iPad down and you see what is in the sky below your horizon. Sounds odd but it is fun.

    Take it camping, winter or summer. It's a great way to spend some quality time with anyone.

    PAID Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPad

    FREE Version: - iPad

    GoISSWatch - International Space Station Tracking
    By GoSoftWorks
    3.5 STARS out of 5

    Track the space station and try to get of a glimpse of it over head.

    FREE Version:

    Sky Map
    By Sky Map Devs
    4.5 STARS out 5

    Locate stars, planets and more. A gallery of beautiful nebulas. Just point up to the sky and find it! Great for camping, fishing and general star gazing.

    FREE Version: - Android

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