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Do you need a guide for stamp collecting? There are so many ways to organize a collection. I have a collection of stamps that my Dad had. There are stamps from Japan, Mexico, United States, Canada and a few other places I don’t recognize. Dad's passed so I can't ask him any questions about where or how he acquired the stamps.

A few things I learned while hunting around on the internet.
President Franklin Roosevelt collected 1.2 million stamps during his lifetime.
I also learned that collecting stamps started as a child's hobby. And as these children grew to adulthood, stamp collecting hobby became a hobby they continued. These were the hobbyest that wrote the guides to stamp collecting. And now there are SO many apps to check out.

While talking to my sister-in-law, I found out that she and brother-in-law, both collected stamps. My sister-in-law told me that she liked collecting stamps from different countries. Imagining what it was like in those different places.

Colorful stamps are a great way to learn about geography. There are so many ways to sort the stamps by plant life, animal life. By holidays, entertainers, transportation and movies. The subject matter is so diverse! Just thinking about beginning another hobby is exciting.

If you have a great stamp collecting app to suggest
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U.S. Postage Stamps--First 100 Years
By Robert Schoenburg
4.5 STARS out of 5

“Stamps – Volume 1” is a database management program for collectors that contains images, pricing and descriptions for all United States postage stamps covering the years 1847 to 1947.

This era is generally defined as the “classic period” of American issues.

Note: An Internet connection is not required. All images, values and descriptions are contained in this application.

Offers links to numerous apps, books and stamp supply dealers.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version: - iPad

United States Stamp Catalog
By Pep
4.5 STARS out of 5

This philately related app can be used for the administration of your United States stamp collection, covers the postage stamps of the first century from 1847 to 1947 and includes a have list and a want list.

The app uses the United States Design Numbering System devised by PSE (Professional Stamp Experts). For more information about PSE, visit the web site

The app does not distinct between the condition of stamps like used, mint, hinged, etc. for administration purposes, nor does the app have a valuation of stamps but you can manually add a price.

FREE Version: - Android

Rare World Stamps
By Theodore Tsavoussis
No rating

I am hoping that there is a rare stamp in Dad's collection. This app seems to give hope that there is that possibility,

"A British Guiana Stamp sold for 9.5 Million US Dollars June 2014!!!" it tells me.

I know that happening is RARE... like a rare stamp but it is fun to look through and hope.

It has in it... A description and image gallery of the rarest stamps of the world from each country.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Philately Terms
Winjit Technologies
4 STARS out of 5

Philately is the study of stamps, postal history and related items. It involves the study of stamps as well as collection of stamps, which is a very popular hobby in the world with its own jargon of unique terms and phrases.

This app will be the best guide and online dictionary with all the terms you will need to enjoy the hobby.

All the terms are arranged alphabetically with the meaningful and easily understandable description.

The developers will be updating on the regular basis to include the terms being introduced by Philately Community and they hope to be able to incorporate websites and social networking sites too. This will make it a well rounded app.

FREEVersion: - Android

Rare Stamps: Ultimate Guide to Stamp Collecting
By Chunjia Apps
No rating

This is a worldwide hobby! If you are looking for a book that would give you enough instructions on how to collect stamps, this Stamp App CAN eliminate your efforts on scanning the internet, library and buying books.

This App WILL give you detailed ideas on what “stamp collecting”.

It is a great guide to get you started snd answer your questions. How do I get stamps? What do I collect? How do I preserve my collection? What does perforation and imperf mean?

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

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