Apps for Puzzle Mania

Are you ready for puzzle mania? Do you like Jigsaw Puzzles? How about locating Hidden Objects? Tangrams are a puzzles too.

These apps all satisfy my need to solve a simple mystery. I would love to see if I can "get the facts” or "find the clues" then deduce them down to solve a crime. THAT is never going to happen so the next best thing is to find an app that require some deducing and thinking.

The puzzles that require you to complete a hidden object scene. My favorite puzzles are those that require me to collect objects to use in other scene; really fun.

Untimed jigsaws and tangram puzzles are my next favorite. I still feel like I'm solving a mystery. I'm constantly looking for more puzzle that make me feel like I'm solving thing. So...

If you have a great app to satisfy a puzzle mania to suggest scroll down and submit

Hidden Object Mysteries

Indulge in your puzzle mania with these fantastic themes: The Phantom of the Opera, The Titanic and Murder, She Wrote. And other thinking games.

Tangram Puzzles

Puzzles that demand visual and spatial development. From easy pictures that do not require tangram pieces to be flipped or turned to multi-colored pieces that require all the senses to be turned on.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Find the perfect jigsaw puzzles. Some of them have a timer, some do not. These are so well thought through. You can hear the click to let you know you the pieces fit.

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