Manual or Power Wheelchair, There are Apps for You

Here I am test driving a Pedal Wheelchair by Profhand. When I heard about the history and the power of the chair, I thought this to be an amazing piece of equipment.

Its power to enhance the lives of stroke victims and low toned individuals by allowing them to increase their strength and independence by only pedaling.

I also tried the WHILL personal mobility device. They brought it out to my school to try. The WHILL has an app for their chair.

I can see a few students with a variety of disabilities, and a few elderly friends that could use either chairs.

Thus making me look up and try a few apps.

There are many apps to help the individual in the wheelchair, to travel around the city by avoiding obstacles. There are so many, so choose the app that best suits your finger mobility to get the information you need.

Staying with the theme of the page I found a few addicting games. The Wheelchair Traffic Dash so addicting.

If you have a great app for the Manual and Power Wheelchair users, scroll down and submit

Custom app for users of WHILL device.

Here I am having fun in the WHILL personal mobility device. I had WHILL come out to visit our school. It's like an all terrain vehicle.

FREE Version: - iPhone | iPad with bluetooth compatibility

AXS Map v2
By When I Walk Inc.
2 STARS out of 5

When I saw the video by the developer, I wanted to be a part of the rating system. My students will be future consumers if not already shopping and dining in the public with their parents. I want them all to have an easy time when out in the community.

The consumer will be able to rate the public places. As shown here the entrance is difficult for a wheelchair user. How does a power wheelchair push on a glass door? How do you hold open a door with a manual chair and get yourself in?

AXS Map will offer all people - including people with disabilities, seniors, and their supporters - freedom and spontaneity to make decisions about where they eat, shop, work and play.

FREE Version: - iPhone

AbleRoad - Rating and review for accessible places
By AbleRoad Associates, Inc
3.5 STARS out of 5

I wish to see more people using this app and rating the services. I don't see enough ratings. Using this type of rating app is a great idea. Download this app and rate, rate, rate!!! The description provided below by the developer is accurate.

No matter where you live or what you like to do, AbleRoadâ„¢ lets you locate, rate and review accessible places! Find nearby restaurants, stores, hotels, groceries, salons, theaters, and more. After you've visited, you can give your own access ratings in the following categories:

1) Mobility: Parking, restrooms, paths to entrances, lobby, counters/registers, signage, interior access.

2) Hearing: Captioning, VideoPhone/TTY, ASL staff, noise levels, strobe fire alarms, sensitive staff.

3) Sight: Public transport, announcements, phone information, website accessibility, lighting, Braille information, large print, aisles/navigation, guide dog/service animal.

4) Cognitive: Easy path of travel, oral information, illustrative communication, spaces clearly marked, live phone support, simple door operation, credit card alternatives, readily available assistance, respectful staff, knowledgeable staff, evacuation policies.

All it takes to submit ratings is a few taps on the screen.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Livable Housing Design Guidelines
By Livable Housing Australia
Not enough Ratings

How helpful is this app! It does not matter in what country you live. It does not matter what disability you have, if you want to be safe in your home read the advice in this free app.

Livable Housing Design (LHD) Guidelines let's you know the 16 elements that make homes livable.

The LHD Guidelines App can help you introduce the livable design features into your new home, or help you upgrade your existing home. This includes the walk up to the house, the hallway elements and the necessary living space requirements. Read the Silver, Gold and Platinum certifications. Great ideas.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Wheelchair Traffic Dash
By Joanne Herman
Not enough for average
Receiving 5 STAR rating

See that guy in the manual wheelchair? He in the middle of the traffic. Keep him from being hit!

I want to get better at dodging the cars. I can't understand why I'm not fast enough. My fingers can't be that old. I've worked on getting the wheelchair out of the way but "splat" each time after a few seconds.

It is really an easy game! Keep the the man in the wheelchair who is facing the traffic from the onslaught of fast moving cars. Maybe he needs a power wheelchair to help me.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Jetpack Wheelchair : The Andy Capable Story
Infinite Dream Factory Inc.
No Rating
I think it is fun

A great theme for my students. Jump up and up, it does not matter if you are in a manual or power wheelchair, just keep going and if you fail / fall that's OK. Get up and try again. A fast paced game that can be difficult for some of my students but it does not stop them from enjoying the game. All under the guise of fun to improve fine motor.

-  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

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