Lowlands and Highlands of Scotland with Apps

Do you want to feel the Highlands of Scotland in your bones and blood? Do you want it through music or language? How about a game?

I’ve been reading a series called Outlander and it is all about a Scotsman, his wife and clan.

These are the first few apps I have found to help me keep the spirit alive. This page is dedicated to the spirit of Outlander and the Scottish spirit.

This page is dedicated to the spirit of Outlander and the Scottish spirit.

If you have for the Lowlands and Highlands of Scotland
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Trivia for Outlander - Super Fan Quiz for Outlander Trivia - Collector's Edition
By Alin Stanescu
Not enough rating

Have you read the Outlander series? Do you see the MacKenzie's marching through the highlands of Scotland?

Now you can answer trivia questions. 15 seconds per question to move on to the next one.

FREE Version: - iPhone | iPad

Eqic Trivia - Outlander Version
Lab Noir
Not enough ratings

Do you remember Claire's middle name? Was it Eleanor, Elizabeth or Ellen?

What about her father's name? Henry or Harry?

Now what about Jamie? Do you recall where his family home is located? Leoch or Lallybroch?

I love this app, I only wish it went on forever with new questions. It just came out so I hope they add more updates.

FREE Version: - iPhone | iPad

Adventure Escape: The Scottish Castle
(Devious Mystery Room & Doors Puzzlers)
By Haiku Games
4 STARS out of 5

Seems to me that in Scotland, women can be strong and intelligent. This was perfect for me. Outlander takes place in 1743 with a strong woman protagonist. It's 1541 in the Highlands of Scotland in this puzzle. The brilliant Iona must team up with her bumbling prospective suitor to escape from a mysterious castle. The first few puzzles were easy. I collected a lot of stars and objects to use. I thought I'd quickly tire of this but I"m stuck now. Can you use your skills of observation and cunning to get through the puzzle?

Great backgrounds for each room with quick response to gestures and movements. The background music is easily turned off or on. There is a hint button you can use. The more stars you have the more often you can get the hints.

No registration, no hassles, just download and play.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

LearnGaelic Beginner’s Course
By Sealgar
5 STARS out of 5

An introduction to Scottish Gaelic, containing 6 lessons. Teaches you how to talk about simple (but useful) topics like the weather and to use description or adjectives words while talking.

I am so glad to hear a native speaker pronounce the words for us. I can really hear how difficult a language it is to learn. I've read a few of these words in a novel but to hear the simple words pronounced I try to read them with the pronunciation and I find myself obsessing over the word and forgetting to continue on with my reading.

Anyway, learning the words then putting them in a sentence is fun. I think I'll use my new words in my classroom to let the students know that there is always something more to learn and that teachers are learning too.

FREE Version: -   iPad

Scottish Gaelic Verbs HD
Verb, Animations, Conjugations, LearnBots and Pronunciation by a Native Speaker
By iEdutainments
3 STARS out of 5

I'm having a hard time figuring out the grammar. Is it because I am weak with my own language that I can't figure this out? Is it because I have no clue of the Scottish language and am trying to understand it?! The recording of the native speaker's enunciation seems clear so I enjoy listening to the different verb conjugations. The color coding of the verb tense seems to help me visualize which column the word is located. But once the app is off. I can't remember the pronunciation.

Is it difficult because I am using the free version? The app indicates the paid app is for more vocabulary. Here below is their claim and my experience to it.

•Pronunciation by a native speaker. (Yes, absolutely)
•Most effective method. (Well for someone with little experience it is a little intimidating)
•Color memory pictures. (Yes, but it does not help me with remembering the Scottish word)
•Native index translation •Skill button to test ability. •Most commonly used verbs (yes, that is true) •Perfect for all age groups. (of the older age group) •For beginners to advanced. (It seems to be difficult without immediate translation) •Will stimulate your memory. •Very easy to use. (I'm not sure that it is. I'm clicking trying to figure out what to do)
•Compatible with your iPhone & iPad. (Yes, and iPod too)

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

Celtic Tutor
By Yellow River Arts
4.5 STARS out of 5

I am not musically incline but since my interest in Scottish everything, I had to see what I could find in the app world. This tells me I can learn to play the tunes. I downloaded the Ocarina app so I thought maybe I can learn to play the Ocarina while learning to play the tunes.

The music can be slowed down, it can loop over and over again so you can learn the notes and play along with the app. Can you hear the Celtic tunes played over the Highlands of Scotland and all through Ireland? With Celtic Tutor you start by looping just 1 or 2 bars at a slow tempo. If you do not read music you have the time to work out the fingerings on your instrument by ear - and by following the notes in the app you'll by amazed at how you will progress. I'm working on it. I'm trying to progress quickly but it make take awhile but it is fun to have a patient teacher looping over and over just for us. All you have to do is Zoom and Pinch with two fingers on touch screens to change the length of the loop, and swipe with one finger to move the looped section.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

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