Use Apps as Health Tools

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Want to use apps as health tools. Want it to answer medical questions?

Learn the about the best apps for weight loss and healthy eating? Find apps that help you count calories and keep you on the track for successful weight loss. Find out how many calories in your favorite meal and be able to decide to eat of not.

After a good work out and you have some pain browse to find the right app for your medical questions. What to do for stomach aches, cuts and sore muscles. There is a great app called Human Anatomy! that is a great reference when talking to the medical profession about your body. Bones, Muscles, Organs and more.

I absolutely enjoy browsing through the medical apps. Reading about Illnesses, Causes and Treatments.

However if you want to try alternative treatments to answer your medical questions, there are apps for that too. My favorite alternative treatments are acupuncture and massage.

If you have a healthy app to suggest, scroll down and submit

weight loss apps

Best Weight Loss Diet Apps

These apps that have helped me lose 7 pounds and counting. Eat right, count calories, exercise and start losing weight today! The health tools that will help you be successful.

medical apps

Medical Information

Several of these apps were recommended by a nurse.

You won’t have to sit and worry about bumps, scratches or aches. Find out what it could be and get the care you need with these health apps. Find research, pharmacies, doctors and maps to those locations.

alternative health apps

Alternative Medicine and Therapies

Here are apps to learn about the different types of alternative medicine and its therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and reflexology. This an acupuncture treatment for nasal congestion.

Tai Chi Information Apps
Tai Chi as a Healing Tool

These free apps will help you learn the basics of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is called a moving meditation. Give the moving meditation a try. Every joint in your body will get a workout. And you will be very, very relaxed.

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