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Do you like good strategy games to play with others or individually? Here are the best games for you. Some games that use strategy are easy because you have learned how to think. Whether you are young or old it is good to keep the mind strong by thinking. At home as you can see iQubed is not one of his favorites. My favorite is Picross HD.

At work in my classroom, I use strategy games and apps to get the students to think in a different way. Some already think differently so I can never tell which game will appeal to whom. When I think I know, the student beats me. When I think the strategy is too hard, it becomes their favorite game. Mancala, U Connect and Unblock My Car are the favorite games in the classroom.

The use of the iPad screen makes it easy for anyone to play strategy games. The fine motor control that some of the students have gained; through sheer determination is beneficial in many ways. I'm sure the young and old will benefit from these games.

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Picross HD: Pixel Puzzles
By Five Lakes Studio, LLC
4 STARS out 5

Picross is a good strategy game where you get to fill in squares on a grid according to numeric clues that will reveal a picture as you go. I use it in my classroom, when the students get the hang of the strategy to create a picture without hitting the wrong squares, counting the number of blocks are together, they like it. The categories help to identify the pictures. Some of the students cannot see the picture of dots. This helps the students vision in some way too.

FREE Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

● A daily puzzle pack is available for purchase that creates random sets of puzzles to play each day based on the available puzzles.

NemoNemo Picross
By GBong
4.5 STARS out of 5

Just like the above game so many grid (size) options.

FREE Version: - Android

Mancala: FS5 (Free)
By Flipside5, Inc
4.5 STARS out of 5

A good strategy game that I learned to play in summer school when anyone that wanted to go to summer school could go. I remember my teacher bringing in heavy paper egg cartons for us to play mancala.

Now look at these boards, 6 great themes. Now my students with Cerebral Palsy can play with out worrying about dropping the pieces.

With WIFI or internet connection you can play others at the Game Center.

The In-App PAID version does not contain advertisements and has more colorful graphics.

FREE Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

By AppOn
4 STARS out of 5

On this app,
1. Learn the basics.
2. Understand the rules.
3. Study different strategies.
4. Eye catching art.
5. 1 player against the computer or 2 players against each other. Plain and simple.

FREE Version: - Android™

Unblock my car
By Easymobi
3.5 STARS out of 5

This is the app that has impressed me the most. I did not think Emma would be able to use this app. I thought this good strategy game was too hard but she was determined to play it. Gradually she was able to figure out where to move the parked cars. She got them out of her way and her car out of the parking lot.

FREE Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

Unblock my car for BMW
By Easymobi
3 STARS out of 5 iPhone

Unblock My Car for BMW is the same game only using BMWs. Either game is a hit.

♦ Plenty of themes to choose
♦Earn bonus cars to play with
♦ Over 500 puzzles at your finger tips and guarantee hours of fun and challenges
♦ Keep track of all the puzzles you've cleared
♦ User friendly game options: Replay, Undo, Sound on and off

FREE Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod

FREE Version: - Android

FREE Version:  -   iPad

U Connect
By Bit Logik
4.5 STARS out of 5

Another favorite. This one is a favorite of Windy. She knows all the good strategy games. This one was new to her. She is a smart one and needs a lot of challenges.

Windy is not able to use her hands so she must learn to say exactly what needs to be done. If she doesn't tell exactly, she finds things be be frustrating. This game helps her say exactly what needs to be done so she can connect all the dots without retracing.

50 puzzles in the free version.

FREE Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

1000 puzzles in the paid version.

PAID Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version: - Android

UConnect 2
By Bit Logik
4.5 STARS out of 5

If you like UConnect you will either like UConnect 2 or not like it. The controls need a little work but the puzzles are great.

* Over 600 New brain teasing levels * New beautiful, colorful and dynamic particle look * New Curves & Circles introduced * 4 Different achievements * New Thumbnails feature to allow you to choose which puzzle you want to play or replay * Helpful hint system to help you if you are stuck * Pick-up-and-play simplicity * Simple and super smooth game controls * Varying difficulty; Easy to Expert * Background music * Universal app - buy it once and play it on every device: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!

PAID Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

iQubed FREE
By Gameseedz
No rating

I like games like this but found this one frustrating. I thought this was a good strategy game for me. But I can't visualize which way to turn the cube to get the points. I run myself in circles trying to get the cube in the right place. I showed it to my sister-in-law and she was a whiz.

What?! So it can be done I just have to figure it out the strategy.

FREE Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

More Good Strategy Games to Come...

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