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Are hobbies are a blast to have? Of course, fun hobbies allow you to meet people. They can be a family event. It can be alone time with your favorite thing to do. Did you know there is a difference between a hobbyist, a craftsman, and an artist? An artist engages in creating, demonstrating or practicing the art. The craftsman engages in a profession or pastime that requires a particular skill. The hobbiest engages in the activity because of the pleasure it brings.

Here area few examples of some hobbies:
Collecting stamps, coins and cars
Outdoor recreation such as train spotting, bird watching, gardening, hiking, fishing and other sports.
Creative hobbies include photography, jewelry making, drawing and painting, quilt making.
It might also include scale modeling of trains and homes.

Did you know that an amateur (hobbiest) may have the same skills as a professional, the major difference being the professional is paid while the amateur is not. Some hobbys that have added to the world of science such as amateur astronomers, conservationist and birders.

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Best Apps for Stamp Collecting

You are a Philatelist.
You collect and study postage stamps.

How do you protect a stamp collection? You will find the information on how to preserve your collection as finding the worth of the stamps.

Best Apps for Coin Collecting

You are called a Numismatist

Do you need to know if you have a rare coin? Do you need to identify a coin? There's an app for that, right here.

Best Apps for Miniatures

Informational Apps to fine the perfect pieces to create and build your dream miniature house. Always on the look out for new apps for miniatures.

Best Apps to use with Photos

Photo Apps to Edit Pictures, Create Photo Cards and Albums. What to do with all your beautiful pictures? Leave a lasting impression with all your great photos.

Best Apps to Take and Use Photos

App to Take Pictures and Post. Instagram
Apps to Take TiltShift Photos. Make it look like a miniature.
How about making a photo look like it was taken in 1964 or 74, you can do it.

Free Knitting Apps

Use the best free knitting apps to find new stitches, keep yourself from losing count. Keep your supplies and projects organized

Cross Stitching Apps

Find the best ideas and instructions to create beautiful gifts.

Best Apps for Quilting

The Best Quilting Apps. For information on Yardage, Stores and Pattern Inspiration to Create your Heirloom Quilts.

Many quilting calculators to help you purchase the right amount of fabric.

My T-Shirt Quilt Being Stitched

Best Forecast Apps

Best App for the weather hobbiest. Find all the weather details you need for you or your friends. Collect data as you need. All from the comfort of your home.

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