Fun Games of Every Kind

Do you want to play a fun games? These are my favorites and my classroom's favorite apps.

Games are sometimes accidentally educational, sometimes they fill the empty time and sometimes they can be a social connection.

These are the kinds of statements I have heard:

All my church friends are play it.
I want to keep my Mother's mind sharp!
I got started playing this and now I can stop.
Oh, my children get to play the game after they finish all their chores.

Here we are waiting for the ferry to get us back home. Checking the scores of our friends and playing a little to shorten the time on the ferry.

Enjoy the games. They will be fun no matter how you plan to use them. For yourself or a loved one, it will be fun for all.

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Addicting Games

These games will addict you. You'll want to play them again and again. When I am at home I set a timer otherwise I keep playing and I wonder were the day went.

Brain Games

Games to sharpen your mind. Whether you are young or old you can use these to train thinking skills and to sharpen your hand eye coordination.

Teachers and Care Facilities are using many of these apps.

Strategy Games

Games that make you think how do I…. Some strategy games are easy to figure out. It fits your way of thinking. Some just are difficult, but you change your approach, stop the frustration and just try it again. It might work.

Word Games

Games that make you use your vocabulary, your association skills and your letter commingling skills to create new ones.

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