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Get free word games for your smart phone right here. These are the top word games available for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and for phones using the Android™ Market.

All the apps at iTunes indicate that they are compatible between the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Specifically created apps for iPad are listed. Please click carefully.

I have played or am playing these word games; some with friends and some in single player mode.

Which every way you choose to play these games, they ARE fun.

What's the difference between the free and paid version?
The paid apps are usually ad-free. They may have more levels of play or additional features.

If you have a free word game to suggest,
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By Bluebear Technologies Ltd.
4.5 STARS out of 5

I have recently been playing this new free word game. The timer was stressing me out, I learned that I could turn it off.

Now it is a pleasure to learn new words while playing Wordly. The words are so bizarre, I'm not sure I'd ever be able to find all the words. Can you find 100 words in the image?

Just slide your finger from letter to letter.When you release and it is a word it pings onto the list at the top. It's hard but it's addicting.

Good luck finding all the strange little three letter words.

FREE Version: - iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

What's the Word?
By Redspell
5 STARS out of 5

One of my new favorites free word game. You collect points for each correct word and you are able to use the points to buy hints if you just can't get the word. But if you need more help than you have points there is the option to buy points. If you are insistent you will find the common element between the pictures.

Some of the pictures used in the game are easy to figure out. Others were a bit vague. As an adult I found some of them challenging. I enjoyed it.

It was a fun for the staff and students to work together as a team.

FREE Version: - iPhone  |  iPod

FREE Version: - iPad

What's the Word

Same concept as above, different look, different app maker.

FREE Version: - Android

Word Stack
By MochiBits, Inc.
4.5 STARS out of 5

The free word games are all fun to download but this is the game to play. If you like words then you will love word stack. The free game is great but you’ll want more. It is easy to understand, there is no time limit and losing points if you don’t get it the first time. You either get a star for completing it or you get a star with a P for perfect the first try.

Words can be synonyms. big - large

Words can be antonyms. large - small

Words can be compound words. cup- cake

Words just have to be related! fish - trout

I so enjoy this easy yet some what challenging word game. For anyone who has a great vocabulary or anyone who wants to develop one. It’s fun!

FREE Version: - iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

7 Little Words
Blue Ox Technologies Ltd
4.5 STARS out of 5

I was recommended a new free word game called 7 Little Words. It is easy to learn and addictive.

Game one titled Sunrise is free with 30 puzzles. The other 13 are $0.99 and they have 50 puzzles. The game consists of 7 little words, their definition is showing so you have to find the tiles that spell the word you think it is.

See sample number 1: chesspiece. Look around the tiles while thinking of chess piece names. Check out the KN. It has to be KNIGHT... and it is!!! No time limit, saves your current unfinished game. Finish a game it let's you know know you've done that one but it is cleared so you or a friend can do it again. Many free word games, this one is ranks real high!!

FREE Version: - iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

7 Little Words
Blue Ox Technologies Ltd
5 STARS out of 5

FREE Version: - Android

7 Little Words for Kids
Blue Ox Technologies Ltd
5 STARS out 5

This is not a free word game. But it is a hit in my classroom. The definitions are great. If the definition is too hard we supply more information. Then it is up to the students to find the word on there communication device.

I use this app as a team game. I play it one of two ways.
Game One: A team is given the definition. The team is given 30 seconds to answer.
Game Two: The definition is read out loud. The team that wants to "Buzzes in" and given 30 seconds to answer. It really makes them use their communication devices and really makes them think quickly.

7 Little Words offers 7 colorful worlds for the student/child to open by earning points.

* Scuba-venture
* On Safari
* The Museum
* Down Under
* Frozen Fun
* Spacewalk
* Dino-World

PAID Version:  -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Words with Friends
Newtoy, Inc.
4.5 STARS out of 5

One of the top free word games. It can be played with friends online or enjoyed in the single player mode. It looks and works a lot like the word game scrabble.

Recently, just before arriving at a restaurant my car broke down. While my friend and I were waiting for the tow truck to arrive we played Words with Friends. The time passed quickly and we were quickly on our way to lunch.

A top word game app with lots and lots of fun. Some Android™ users, have experienced long waits while game is uploading. They have had to uninstall then install a new game. But it is worth it.

FREE Version: - iPhone  |  iPod

PAID Version: - iPhone  |  iPod

FREE Version: - iPad

PAID Version: - iPad

FREE Version: - Android

Cheats & Words : the Words With Friends Cheat app with auto detect OCR
By Project Box
4.5 STARS out of 5

One of the easiest free word game cheats to use.

Take a full screen, screen shot of the Words with Friends board with the letters at the bottom. Use home button to get to Cheats & Words.

Select: Use Latest Screenshot. The app will think and think, then give you a list, a very long list of of possible words to be used.

Select the word you want to use or see how it fits. Don't want to use it, return to list. If you want to use it, it continue ONTO your game without having to BACK TRACK out.
No paper and pencil to remember the letters.

Try it once and it is easy to use.

FREE Version: - iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Words with Cheats for Friends
The Best Word Finder for Games You Play
By SKH Apps
4.5 STARS out of 5

Another great free word game app. Everyone has a preference. I found it took a little longer to input the letters. You can take a screenshot of your word game to use while you look for the best word. You can finds words up to 16 letters long. Gives you definitions and calculates the points. Can't live without it if you love word games.

I rarely use it because I really feel like I'm cheating. But it's great to know I have it. Just.... in case you need a few extra points when you just can't seem to find the word to fit the space.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

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