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Enjoying Guiness in Ireland

Do you like drinking beer? What do you look for? Fruitiness, Sweetness or Maltiness? Maybe a little Thickness, Silkiness or Bitterness? I’ve become interested in beer tasting. I use to make a bitter beer face no matter what I was given but now I can appreciate the feel and taste of the beer. Thanks to my husband whose motto is, “the darker the better.” I started with a Corona and moved myself up the scale to pale ales and reds. Recently at the Ukiah Brewing Company, an all organic beer maker, I had a porter. It was smooth and silky. Both husband and I couldn’t believe I was able to enjoy it.

When he and his buddy finish a bicycle ride of 75 to 100 miles, they like to come home and pop a cold one. I see them drinking beer chug, chug, chug, gulp then grab for a handful of salty nuts. That kind of beer must taste delicious. They mostly drink the IPAs and ales. That scene always reminds me of camaraderie, relaxation and fun.

When we travel we like to have a meal at the local brewery or pub. With a great app called BreweryMap it is so easy now to find those places. And usually the local brew houses have great entertained. Just think sitting with friends, drinking beer and listening to the local sound. The beer adventure just got more informative.

If you have a beery, good app for finding and drinking beer to suggest scroll down and submit

PintLabs, L.L.C.
5 STARS out of 5
4.5 STARS out of 5 Android

If traveling and drinking beer along is your perfect vacation. This easy to use app would be perfect. It is limitless in what you want to drink and where you want to go. Well worth the money. If it’s a brewery it will find it and show you the way. Plus all the brewery along the way if you want it. Listed below is everything it can do.

- Search by location and brewery name
- Add and edit breweries and beer information
- Make a road trip
- Bookmark your favorite road trips
- Give brewery and beer details
- View brewery logo and beer label images
- View only the location types you're interested in (micro, macro, brewpub, restaurant, etc.)
- See closed and/or in planning breweries
- Show a new featured brewery every week

PAID Version: - iPhone

PAID Version: - iPad

Paid Version: - Android

By L. Knife and Son, Inc
2.5 STARS out of 5

GPS BEER FINDER: Location services limited to states covered by the Beer Finder, with more territories coming in near future. See the list below where this app works all its features.

Chicago, Illinois
Parts of Boston
New Hampshire
New Jersey
NYC, Syracuse, Utica and Capital District of New York
Portland Oregon
Rhode Island
Washington DC

» Track down your favorite beers in your neighborhood with your iPhone's built-in GPS**
» Search includes beer offerings at more than 50,000 bars, restaurants, and stores
» Distance appears next to each retailer - click a retailer for details, a map, and directions
» Beer Finder data perpetually updated with shipments from local wholesalers

BEER SOMMELIER: Drinking beer should not be a stressful search for the perfect flavor. With the sommelier you will be able to find the right beer for your meal. How delicious is that? Select a main ingredient or type of meal, get a recommendation. Drinking beer has become an art.

BEER STYLES: In this app there are about 140 beer styles and sub-styles listed. The descriptions include history, food complements, vital statistics, and glassware and serving temperature guidance. Click any sub-style to see commercial examples for you to try.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

By INsReady Inc.
3.5 STARS out of 5

FREE Version: - Android

BJCP Styles
BJCP Styles
By Joshua Baran
4.5 STARS out of 5

A full copy of the BJCP Style Guidelines always at the ready on your iPhone. While you are drinking beer if you become curious of the type of beer you are drinking or you have some knowledge but want to impress. Read able the ingredients, appearance, aroma so you will be ready to use the right words to describe the beer. There is so much information on each page about the specific beer.

There is a search option where I can type in the name of a beer or a description, like fruity aroma. It let’s me know what style the beer is, or find all the styles that have a fruity aroma.

How easy is that?

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

By Transmutable Explorations
4.5 STARS out of 5

FREE Version: - Android

Find Craft Beer
Find Craft Beer
By Micro Integration Services, Inc
4.5 STARS out of 5
3.5 STARS out of 5 Android

Find Craft Beer allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to easily find a place near you to get a Craft Beer.

Find Craft Beer uses the GPS to determine your current location and searches a database of Craft Beer locations within your specified distance. You can also provide Find Craft Beer with a specific city to search.

Find Craft Beer searches a database of Brew Pubs, Breweries, Beer Bars, Beer Stores and Homebrew Shops. Limit your list to only those types of locations you are interested in.

Search with a specific distance, sort by distance or ratings, read reviews of locations and submit your own reviews and pictures! Post to Facebook or Twitter about your current location or submit a picture of yourself drinking beer and all your friends will come running have a glass with you.

Check Foursquare check-in comments and Untappd beer check-ins for a location right on the review screen.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version: - Android

By The Beer Genome, LLC
4.5 STARS out 5 iTunes
4.5 STARS out 5 Android

This app was a little bit overwhelming for me. This one needs to be used a lot to gather a lot of your likes and dislike to let you know which beer to order based on your personal taste preferences. It helps by allowing you to look up a map of where all your favorite beers can be found. Or tracking and rating each beer you try so you never forget what you liked or disliked.

BrewGene makes all of this possible in one simple and comprehensive beer app. By pairing a beer tracking and recommendation engine along with location and social features, BrewGene lets you experience a revolutionary new way to find and discover great beer.

Here's why BrewGene says about its app: I haven't used all the options available yet.

- Search for over 40,000 beers in our database, and add new ones as you discover them
- Add your own rating to each beer, so you'll remember how much you like it
- Receive personalized recommendations for new beers you should try based on your rating history
- Add beers to a 'Watch List' so you can remember which ones you've been meaning to try
- Tag beers that you're currently having and where you are having them
- Look up the list of available beers at any nearby bar, restaurant, or liquor store
- Add new beers to a place's beer menu, or flag beers as temporarily or permanently missing from a menu
- Have your recommendations, cellar (previously rated), and watch list beers highlighted when looking at a beer menu
- Check into nearby venus using foursquare
- Add private or public tasting notes to any beer so you can remember why you liked or disliked a beer
- Easily share your tagging/rating activity on Twitter or Facebook
- Browse by brewer
- Use it offline to search and rate beers, as well as write tasting notes. All activity is synched the next time you have an internet connection.
- Useful stats (ABV, style, brewer, brewing location, etc.) for each beer
- Submit and view beer photos
- Profile page to track your beer activity

I say, drinking beer is not as it use to be.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

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