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What do you do with all your digital photos? Do you have a digital photo album? I have 3,507 photos. I know others who have much more. Where you keep all your photos? How do you show them off? How do you sort them?

My pictures usually end up on iPhoto, in the Gallery, filed on Shutterfly or sitting in a text message. I have thousands and thousands of photos just sitting in a file. How can I use them?

I found a few great apps to help me take care of this problem. Apps are what I used to create some great digital photo albums to share with my friends and family. Not only these photo apps but during the holidays I create holiday themed cards using some photos.

There is also a great website called FotoJet to create collages. Check it out below.

If you have a great digital photo album app to suggest
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Keepy: Stop Tossing Your Child’s Art, School Work & Mementos. Save, Store, and Share!
By Keepy Inc.
4.5 STARS out of 5

As a teacher, I know I send a lot of things home. I've found a great way for parents to keep the memories in a digital photo album. Send them to Grandparents, Photos are printable.

The app is free to down load with 31 pictures to upload a month for free. But if you need to save more there are In-App purchases for the level of uploads and saves you need.

As a teacher, I am taking pictures of my ideas for future reference. I can send ideas to my teacher friends when I tell them how we can use the app to be organized.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad
In App Purchases Available

FREE Version: - Android
Free forever

Comic Life
By plasq LLC
4 STARS out of 5

I had no idea what to do with all the photos I'd taking on our trip to visit family in the state of Washington. The freeway, rest stops and scenic byways. And of course the family members eating together and traveling together.

I heard about an app called Comic Life. It was easy and fun to use. After creating the perfect pages I was able to emailed them to friends and family back home. The background graphic is perfect. It was easier than scrapbooking for me. No cutting mess just adjusting the size of the squares. I'm planning on using this idea in my classroom.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Beautifier PRO - Photo Art & Picture Caption for Instagram
Mobile Champs LLC
5 STARS out of 5

Make yourself or your friend look like a million bucks then post on Instagram. I tried it. It was easy to add my face onto the gorgeous background. So easy, select your background, select your picture, SAVE. Really, the hard part was picking the background I wanted to use.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

PAID Version: - Android

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FototJet: An easy option for your desktop pictures.

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