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"Diabetes management is not fun!" my Mom tells me. “I just don't know what to eat anymore!” So I have been on a mission to find an easy app to use. Maybe a place to keep a log of her test results, some recipes and maybe a database of Total Carbs in a selected food. Mostly it is the recipes she needs something new to eat. These are a few that I checked out. Some are exactly what she needs but too hard to manage. Some are good but not enough recipes. I hope you can find just the right app for you.

All apps ask for a lot of medical information, more information to serve you better is their motto.

Diabetes is serious, please ask your doctor or your pharmacist if you have any questions.

If you use a great app for diabetes management, scroll down and submit

DiabetesPal is a diabetes management software. There is also the companion OS X App on the App Store. This is the first Diabetes Software that syncs your data using iCloud! So your data is accessible on all your devices. Use the iOS App to input the data during the day and analyze your data on your desktop.

Key features:
- Import data from the DiamondMini device from FORA.
- Log all relevant information for your diabetes management: Blood sugar, Insulin, Medications, Ketone, HbA1C, Weight/Heigt, Carbs, Blood Pressure, Pulse and Activities.
- HbA1C Estimate
- Get a quick overview of your daily glucose and insulin data in an easy to read diary
- View your data with a vast selection of graphical charts
- Sync your data automatically to all your iCloud devices
- Supports different international units for Glucose (mmol/L, mg/dL), HbA1C (%, mmol/mol)
- Send an email with your data and charts to your doctor
- Export your data to CSV
- Background refresh of your data

AppleWatch Support:
- View data from the last 3 days with a nice glucose chart
- Add the Glucose, Insulin, HbA1C, Medication and Carbs using the digital crown

FREE Version: - iPhone

Diabetes in Check: Coach, Blood Glucose & Carb Tracker
By Everyday Health, Inc.
3 STARS out of 5

The exact type of diabetes management tool I thought my Mom needed but she says more information than she can handle.

Download now to get:
√ DIGITAL COACHING: Get in-app support from a Certified Diabetes Educator.
√ BLOOD GLUCOSE TRACKING: Enter your BG levels to see how food, exercise, and stress impact your condition.
√ MEDICATION TRACKING: Set reminders and trackers to stay compliant, so you keep your BG in control.
√ REMINDERS: Never again forget to measure your blood glucose, take your medication, or track your food and exercise.
√ CARB TRACKER: Search a database of over 80,000 foods, and see their impact on your BG levels.
√ BARCODE SCANNER: Quickly track the carb and nutrition facts for all your packaged foods.
√ WHAT TO EAT: Consult the quick reference guide to find out: "Can I eat _____?"
√ 100’s OF RECIPES: Enjoy delicious, diabetes-friendly recipes selected for you by a Certified Diabetes Educator.
√ PERSONALIZED MEAL PLAN: Get quick and easy daily menus of diabetes-friendly recipes plus a personalized daily plan to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.
√ TOOLS TO GET ACTIVE: Set and track exercise goals and stay motivated.
√ MESSAGE BOARDS: Join a community of over 200,000 people who are also living with type 2 diabetes. Post your personal questions, share success stories, and find support from people like you.
√ DATA THAT’S EASY TO SHARE WITH YOUR DOCTOR: Quickly send your data to your doctor so you can review your progress during your next appointment.

FREE Version: - iPhone | iPod

FREE Version: - iPad

MyGlycemia: Diabetes Tracker App (SMBG)
4.5 STARS out of 5

In-App purchase for Ad free app or for Premium app

A much simpler diabetes management tool.

The application allows you to save all your glycemia per day and per week classified by event. An "event" is a control before and/or after a meal. All these events can be exported to your doctor via email directly from the application. Thus, you can easily control your rate before breakfast everyday of the week. Same after lunch, before and after dinner, etc ... Details of all the features:
- Alarm to avoid reching hypoglycemia (adjustable between 3 and 4 hours)
- Alarm to think about measuring your glycemia 2 hours after your meal
- Save your medical contacts: general practitiner, diabetologist
- Emergency call function to prevent your loved ones in case of emergency
- Display your measurements in table form and in graph charts
- Multi-Display time: by week, by month, by all dates
- Send your measurement charts via email to your doctor
- Records rates before and after meals for three meals of the day, as well as bedtime
- Records "unexpected" controls
- Simplified recording with the help of automatic time slot insertion along with the time of day
- Supporting multiple units: g/l, mg/dl, mmol/l

FREE Version: - iPhone

FREE Version: - Android

Diabetes App - blood sugar control, glucose tracker and carb counter
By BHI Technologies, Inc.
4 STARS out of 5

KEY FEATURES for your diabetes management
-Put together your daily carb intake, glucose, water consumption, weight directly on the calendar.
-Built-in offline powerful food database that you can add food consumed for direct carb calculation.
-Log and monitor your glucose levels. You can view the trend on chart or email the date directly to your doctor.
-Log your insulin injections.
-Log your medications.
-Manage your activities and exercises.
-Mange glasses of water you consumed for the day.
-Track your weight and BMI changes.
-Budget your daily carb allowance.
-Blood pressure tracking
-Retina display
-Backup and restore over WiFi
-Integrated with Twitter.
-Use passcode to protect your data.
-Support both US and SI units.

-Powerful offline food database with over 200,000 foods for common food, restaurant food and branded food.
-Add and manage your custom foods.
-Build recipes with combinations of foods in the database.
-No internet required to access food database.
-Monitor other nutrition for each food, including Calories, Protein, Fiber, Sugar, Cholesterol, Sodium, etc.
-Easy-to-use food search.
-Email your daily food intake to your doctor as email.

FREE Version: - iPhone | iPod | iPad

PAID Version: - iPhone | iPod | iPad

Diabetes Tracker with Blood Glucose/Carb Log by MyNetDiary
By MyNetDiary Inc.
4.5 STARS out of 5

* Diabetes Management Made Quick and easy. Logging data taking only a few minutes a day
* Comprehensive blood glucose tracking. Custom target ranges supported, such as pre- and post-meal target ranges. Highlights out-of-range readings. Several labels per reading supported.
* Practical BG reminders
* Optional insulin tracking.
* Medication tracking.
* The best food and carb tracking - with a great food database, built-in barcode scanner, and PhotoFood service - if a food is not in the database, send us its photos from the app and we will add the food for you. THE DATABASE IS UPDATED DAILY.
* Food entry is simple, easy, and fast. Start typing and MyNetDiary will instantly find your foods while you type. Foods that you ate before are found after typing 3-4 letters!
* Supports total carbs, net carbs, and diabetes carb count
* Exercise tracking, also works with a companion MyNetDiary GPS Tracker app, automatically keeping track of walking and running
* Tracks your water intake
* A1C, LDL, HDL, BP tracking
* Custom trackers - track anything you want, such as quality of sleep, symptoms, and more.
* Detailed daily and weekly analysis, a comprehensive set of charts and reports helping to understand food, nutrition, weight loss, carb counting and diet management
* Optional PIN code for your privacy

PAID Version: - iPhone

Diabetes Pal App
By Telcare, Inc.
4 STARS out of 5

A simple to use diabetes management tool. You can access this from your Mac or PC.
Diabetes Pal 2.0 helps track, analyze, and share:
· Blood Glucose
· Medication
· Nutrition
· A1c
· Blood Pressure
· Weight
· Activity
· Notes
· Physical Activity

FREE Version: - iPhone

FREE Version: - Android

Sugar Sense - Diabetes App, Blood Sugar Control, and Carb Counter
By MedHelp
4.5 STARS out of 5

BENEFITS of Diabetes Management:
* Be in control of your diabetes with just a quick tap
* See your average readings for the past 7 Days, 30 Days, and 90 Days
* Connect your iHealth Glucometer and monitor your blood glucose readings
* Connect your Fitbit, Jawbone or any of the popular health devices to track your weight.

* Have a question? Quickly get an answer
* Hundreds of diabetes questions answered every hour
* Get support and motivation from other people just like you
* Tap into our several diabetes communities

* Easily connects and seamlessly integrates with several apps and devices including Fitbit, Jawbone, HealthKit (Apple Health App), and more!

* Sync/backup your data online to MedHelp to access your info online
* Access to your information online from any computer
* Print out all your data - great for doctor appointments!
FREE Version: - iPhone

FREE Version: - Android

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