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Cross Stitching is my sister-in-law's favorite craft.

This page of useful apps is dedicated to her. She who loves hand crafting. To my knowledge she has taught origami, learned to needle felt, created machine knitted sweaters and cross stitches for her friends and family. This Celtic piece she made for me, I like the look and feel of the design. The colors she used is nice too.

The stitches are so even and flat. When I work on a piece it is always a bit lumpy and the thread is not so flat. More practice for me or I let her do all the crafting.

I will have to set my mind to practice and complete a kit. Maybe a small kit for me. Just writing those words makes me sweat with worry. Mackie, I will leave the needle crafting to you.

If you have a great cross stitching app to suggest
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X-Stitch App
By Jeff Devine
4.5 STARS out of 5

The Journal lets you categorize and track all your projects, add photos, document the start and finish dates, and keep detailed project notes.

The Inventory module is a fast and fun way to manage your stash. Charts, threads and linen can be added with just a few clicks. Note: Chart details (names of chart, notes, etc.) are manually entered. X-Stitch comes pre-loaded with hundreds of chart designers and approximately 2,000 thread selections that you can quickly and easily add to your inventory.

Use the Shopping List to prepare for your next trip to the needlework shop. And because X-Stitch uses Cloud technology, you can securely access your data from all your iPhone and iPad devices. No manual synching or duplicate typing! Like to customize? X-Stitch lets you pick your favorite image for the Home Screen. Want to share? X-Stitch supports sharing via Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, Text, and more!

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Floss Check
By OpeWare
4.4 STARS out of 5

Keep a record of the floss you have by the Floss Companies. It also includes a canvas size calculator.

PAID Version: - Android

Cross stitch - Fairy tales
By Anuman
Not enough rating

Follow the guide to learn how to stitch the main characters of your favorite tales…
Below you can find Cross stitching cute dogs and cats.

This application is dedicated both to beginners, who will learn the basics thanks to the technical guide, and confirmed stitchers, who will undoubtedly find their inspiration in the numerous charts.

With a simple touch, travel from one chart to the next, picking here and there the patterns that suit you most, and associating them as you wish. Hundreds of possibilities, from the most classical patterns to highly modern designs! Buy the necessary skeins with the help of the references given, and start to play!

Cinderella, Merlin the Wizard, the Little Red Riding Hood or the Little Mermaid… Meet the unforgettable characters from the most beautiful tales, along with other fairies, witches, princesses and dragons… Each grid offers refined patterns to create tender, funny and colorful pictures and take your children on a trip to a fantasy world…

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Cross Stitching - Dogs

This one is all about dogs.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Cross stitching - Cats

All about stitching cats.

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

By Sponte
4 STARS out of 5

Find many cute bunny patterns

FREE Version: - Android

By Mozusystems, LLC
4 STARS out of 5

Design your own chart for your craft project! StitchSketch (KG-Chart Mobile) was developed by a creator of the popular software program "KG-Chart for Cross Stitch". This mobile version utilizes intuitive "touch" user interface of mobile devices.

*** Please try a free LE version before you purchase this FULL version, as it could be slow if you are using old iPad/iPhone, or not-easy-to-use if you are not familiar with general painting applications.

Features includes:

- Design your own chart for craft works such as:
Bead Weaving, Iron Beads (Perler(R) Beads), Knitting pattern, Color Knitting, Pixel Art, and more!
- This is also suited for drawing "dotted" pictures (Pixel Art), such as icons in low resolution
- Convert your photo into a chart
- Draw chart with a symbol in a cell
- Maximum chart size is 250 x 250v - Pixel & Vector Drawing (Backstitch, Fractional Stitch, Hardanger)
- Pinch to zoom
- Generic color palette and Color Charts (palette) for: DMC(R), DFT, COSMO, Delica, Toho Best, Perler(R) Beads
- Knitting Symbols (Amizu Kigou (JIS)) for designing knitting pattern
- Rectangular cell size
- Real view to simulate finished image
- Undo / Redo
- Drawing tools: Pencil, Rectangle, Ellipse, Flood Fill, Text
- Selecting Tool: Selection and Cut/Copy/Paste/Rotate/Flip/Stamp
- Edit colors and symbols
- Save or Email a chart as native format or PNG image
- Generate a chart in PDF for emailing or printing.
- Organize charts with thumbnails
- Support Dropbox

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

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