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Don't let this face get you down. Keep the children playing happily. Try to avoid a meltdown while traveling, working, shopping or just being with your toddler? Keep the children playing and busy with a few of the best apps for the 1 to 5 year old crowd. Lots of colors, sounds and fun, touch the screen and it comes to life. So many other easy activities.

Stories for your young toddler; the app will read the stories to them while you shop. Animal sounds will keep them entertain while you talk to your friends and a drawing screen to keep your budding artist creating while you cook. These are just a few of the many apps you will find.

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Big City Vehicles - Cars and Trucks for Kids
By The Melody Book
5 STARS out of 5

A simple but layered game for the toddler. Tap or swipe on the screen to find the solution. Designed for kids, ages 1-4, Big City Vehicles is full of games, fun surprises and educational tasks that will develop your child's creativity and problem solving skills. Some of the vehicle your child will see: school bus, bicycle, airplane, train, fire truck, cement truck, ambulance, hot air balloon and many more.

No instruction is given so the child needs to try tapping on different parts of the screen to solve the puzzle to mix the cement, put out the fire, help the paramedic and shovel rocks with a bulldozer.

PAID Version:- iPhone

PAID Version:- iPad

ABC DJ – Preschool Lite
By Tap Tap Slide
3 STARS out of 5

This is the look of the paid app. ABC DJ teaches children of all ages and all needs, the alphabet and the basics of phonics in a fun and musical way. After the use of this app, I find myself humming the letter sounds.

The pencil drawn lite version allows the first 9 letters of the alphabet to be tried on both the phonic to letter and phonic to word screen. 2 screens only. The paid version all 6 screens of all the alphabets. Each page in full color.

As the youngsters randomly tap the screen they are successful and begin to fine-tune their movements. Especially helpful for all children including those with learning disabilities, very short attention spans or motor issues.

Included are 3 musical tracks. You can turn on the tracks while the children playing with the app but I find the music distracting when the voice is singing the sounds. But for pure entertainment the songs are old favorites but the musical composition is much more grown up. I appreciate that.

- Tap on a letter or object to hear the phonetic sound of the letter.
- Tap of the discs to play a jingle in the background.
- Tap on each number to see different screens.
- Learn the alphabet and phonics in a fun and musical way!

If you have any questions or problems use this email. The developer is very friendly.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Zoo Sounds Lite – A Free Animal Sound Game for Kids
By Tantrum Apps
3 STARS out of 5

Teach your child or your young student zoo animals in a fun way.

Take your kids to the zoo, anytime! A fun application for children playing the zookeepper, and a great distraction to avoid a meltdown. Zoo Sounds features four of the noisiest zoo animals ever to show up on your iPhone, 14 animals with the paid version. Educate your child with beautiful high-resolution photos of Lions, Elephants and more.

Four modes of play:

Large Images: Designed for younger children, a large photo of an animal with their name is shown.

Smaller Images: When your children are familiar with the animals, challenge them with identifying the correct animal out of the set of photos.

Which Animal?: For older children, two animals are shown and a sound is made. If your child taps the animal that made the sound, they go to the next round. Make Me an Animal!: Fun for all ages. Choose an animal, take a photo of yourself and record your voice making the sound. We'll turn you into the animal to share with your friends and family.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad
4 Zoo Animals

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad
14 Zoo Animals

Animal Sounds
By Chris24
4 STARS out of 5

Animal sounds from Google Play for Android devices.

FREE Version: - Android

Kids Zoo Animal Sounds and Photos
Aruhat Technologies PVT. LTD
4 STARS out of 5

While the children are playing, they will be learning a lot of animal sounds. As soon as the picture flashes on the screen the animal sound is heard. It was a bit startling at first. Let your child know, “Here comes the animal sounds.” There is a speaker icon tap on it to hear it again.

The real animal pictures are good. There is no verbal naming of the animals just the name of the animal written at the top left corner. The toddler swipes the screen to get the next animal.

Bring the wildlife from all round the world to your children playing this great learning app.

80 Animals, Birds, Sea Animals & Reptiles all together Animated Loading Screen Organized Dashboard Category-wise Slide-show Easy to use


FREE Version: - Android

***** Paid Features ******

214 Animals, Birds, Sea Animals, Reptiles & Insects All together
Child Lock
Random Slide-show
No Advertisement
Set the animal you like as a Wallpaper
Set the sounds you like as a Ringtone

PAID Version: Buy In-App

Puzzles 'N Coloring - Sea Life / LITE
By Better World
3.5 STARS out of 5
for Free Version
3 STARS out of 5 for Paid Version

Children playing with the Sea Life. Children coloring sea creatures. Children putting puzzles together. Children quietly playing.

Choose from 16 themed puzzles (2 in the free version) and select the appropriate level – "easy" divides the puzzle into 6 pieces, "medium" creates 12 pieces and "hard" gives your child 20 pieces to play with and reconstruct the image. Try it at each level! See how fast he can complete each puzzle! Enjoy the background music!

Choose from 12 coloring pages (2 in the free version) and from over 60 different colors to paint the pages with his own choice of colors.Make them realistic or have fun creating wacky color combinations and silly scenes.

- 16 different puzzles
- 3 levels of difficulty – easy (6 pieces), medium (12 pieces) and hard (20 pieces)
- Upbeat instrumental music is easy to turn on/off from main screen
- 12 images to color
- More than 60 colors to choose from
- Paint-by-section: great for younger kids who don’t have fine motor skills yet
- Undo button and full erase

Just imagine children playing quietly giving you time to gather yourself.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

Animal Coloring Book for Kid
By divmob
3.5 STARS out of 5

Animal Coloring Book is a coloring or painting tool for kids. Children playing an artist can use their finger to paint on touch screen. They can choose a nice animal picture from our gallery to start coloring and paint. They can also learn animal's names from the pictures and coloring the names.

An educational and quieting game for your toddler or preschooler.

- Coloring and painting mode: tap on 'car' button to choose a picture to start coloring, tap on white button to start painting
- Tablet is supported
- App can be installed on sdcard (only for android 2.2 and higher)
- Sharing option: email, facebook, MMS ...
- Save to sdcard
- Color chooser: simple color picker is used by default, go to reference to make advanced picker to default
- Language: English, French

FREE Version: - Android™

Preschool Games - Farm Animals (Photo Touch)
4 STARS out of 5

Wow, a really fantastic app. You will be able to keep your child busy with this app. You will see children playing together. Huddled together to see the pictures and hear the positive praise. The pictures are real not cartoons all on a white background or you can take your own pictures and make it a personalized game.

Want to maintain or teach new words even in a different language? You will be able to change the spelling and change the pronunciation. Take a picture of new vocabulary and add it. Delete learned vocabulary. A very easy to use app. You will not be disappointed.

I doubt you will have problems but here is their email address:

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

By Bejoy Mobile
4 STARS out of 5

Both iTunes and Android Market

A fun and easy app. You won’t need to carry around a coloring book and crayons. This one has many different brush strokes and many different colors.Every time you lift your finger from the screen the color changes. Tap the white rectangle and you get a new screen in a different color. Tap the pencil icon and the brush stroke changes. Tap the arrow and the last stroke is erased. Tap the reel and the last completed picture turns into a movie. So cool. You will have a real picture of children playing together quietly sharing their masterpiece.

But it is so fun you might be playing along with them or after they are done it is the adults turn. Enjoy!

FREE Version: -  iPhone |  iPod  |  iPad

Kids Doodle - Color & Draw
Doodle Joy Studio
4.5 STARS out of 5

Keep your little one occupied with bright neon colors. She can draw and draw. She will never run out of paper or have messy marker everywhere.

FREE Version: - Android

By CTS MobileSoft
3.5 STARS out of 5

Noisemaker! Is so easy to use anyone can use it. Those children playing with your device will be amused. They might want to use it at a birthday party. Anyone unable to blow into a noisemaker might want to use this fun and noisy app.

Please hold on to the device while using Noisemaker! I recommend it because it is easy and fun, but I can’t be responsible for the fun, headache from the honking or dropped devices.

Please play responsibly. LOL

FREE Version: -  iPhone |  iPod  |  iPad

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