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Have you tried bocce ball? Sometimes it is called lawn bowling but scoring is nothing like bowling and you don’t have to play on the lawn. It is an easy game where you roll out the pallino or jack as the small ball is called and you try to get your 4 bocce balls as close to the pallino as possible to score.

Recently this summer, I playing bocce in the hot sun about 3:30 in the afternoon and I wasn’t thinking it was all that hot.

My body thought otherwise, when I got home I had symptoms of heat exhaustion. Which made me wonder if bocce ball could be played on our smartphones. Of course, it could! There is an app for everything. Scroll below and find your favorite bocce game.

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Bocce Friends
By PlayScreen, LLC
4 STARS out of 5

Play bocce with your friends or by yourself anywhere in the world. You can play in what looks like the backyard of a house. Or take your game around the world to six different locations including; The Beach, Central Park, Stonehenge, the White House, and the Pyramids of Egypt. Get a call in the middle of your game? Your game will be saved and can be picked up right where you left off. Remain competitive and challenge your friends as you try and obtain high scores to post on Facebook and Twitter directly through the app.

PAID Version: iPhone | iPod | iPad

Bocce 3D
By Giraffe Games Limited
4.5 STARS out of 5

Beautiful Graphics, Intuitive Controls and Multiple modes of play make this the best Bocce Game on mobile!

- Intuitive Controls that feel like playing real Bocce.

- Choose your country and Play in an international Bocce League!

- Carrer mode!

FREE Version: iPhone | iPod | iPad

PAID Version: iPhone | iPod | iPad

FREE Version: - Android
In App Purchase Available

By William Fasula Sports
Not enough ratings

A score board for your game. No ads!

PAID Version: - Android

Backboard Bocce
By Creekline Design, LLC
4 STARS out of 5

Check out your play choices.

You can play this game 4 different ways. By yourself or with a friend by sharing the device.

Another way is to play together on two separate device with wifi hook up or by playing a competitor through the game center.

The name of this app is deceiving, If you hit the backboard of the bocce court with a ball, that ball is no longer in play. So hit the backboard.

FREE Version: - iPhone | iPod | iPad

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