Best Educational Apps for Elementary Grades

These are the best educational apps. I use most of these in my classroom. The best part is - TAP the correct answers or slide the right answers. All my students have that motor ability. These apps equalize the participation of students with special needs.

No matter what grade your child or student is in. If he can't get the answer down on the worksheet (motoric) or he needs constant supervision (ADHD) the relationship between child and school is strained.

Make it a successful learning and reviewing experience with these great classroom or at home apps.

The success rate for overall completion of task has gone up. Everyone wants to use electronic devices!

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Beginning Reading Activities

Beginning Reading Activities for beginner readers. Using Dolch word list and other beginning reader word lists

Grasshopper Apps

Get the educational apps for success for all area of academics from Matching, Reading, Adding, Time Telling and other fun apps.


Matching fractions, solving fractions, and estimating fractions. Identifying simple fraction with a pizza. Estimating fractions with a chicken laying eggs. They are the best educational games for fraction.

Best Math Games

Best educational math games for Word Problems, Place Value, Money, Telling Time, Addition and Subtraction. A variety of app developers to choose from.

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