Assistive Technology Devices on the SmartPhone

Assistive Technology Devices on the SmartPhone for Communication

Assistive technology devices are helpful tools that make everyday functioning easier for anyone.

If you think about it, the TV remote control is an assistive device. You don’t have to walk to turn on the TV. If you are hard of hearing you can turn up the volume. Assistive technology makes functioning in society easier.

With that in mind, does your child, parent or client need an AAC communication system? Do they need to say something? Of course, Everyone wants to say, ask and tell. The trick to finding the right device. The device pictured is perfect for this user but it might be too small for others to use. The device must fill certain requirements. Ease of use physically and cognitively, portability, age appropriateness and cost.

The interesting thing about using the smartphones, iPads or Tablets as a communication platform is that the user wants to use the device everyone else is using. He is more apt to use the sweet looking piece of machinery than a large box that says, assistive technology devices.

If you use an app as an assistive technology devices for the smartphone to suggest scroll down and submit

By CoughDrop, Inc.
Not enough rating

There are so many assistive technology devices

I found this AAC device well programed. I don’t see it needing much customization on the general conversational pages. I told my speech therapist about the app I found. She looked into it and thought it a great system. Then I notice that CoughDrop Inc. and our district have a training session set up. The speech therapist thought the CoughDrop team to be very helpful and understanding.

A wonderful thing that CoughDrop does; they allow students to continue using the program for free even after the trial period is over. How generous is that? There are a few thing we won't be able to do but the student does not lose something that is working for them.

What also impressed my was, Scott Wahiquist. He emailed me and I thought it a sales pitch but no… It was an offer to answer any questions I had of CoughDrop their AAC system. I’d never received this kind of email and was quite impressed. He even answered why it was called, CoughDrop.

Free Version:- iPhone

Free Version:- iPad

Free Version: - Android

Dynavox Compass
Dynavox Mayer-Johnson
No rating

I love the Dynavox. The very first photo above is of a Dynavox communication device. It is thick and a bit heavy for a student with cerebral palsy to carry even if it is in a carrying case. It throws their balance off.

So I had to try the Compass. Was it an assistive technology device that meets the challenges like the big system? Will it have enough language and vocabulary built in?

I am happy to have reviewed it and find it does all I need it to do on a compact device.

More assistance at the website. And purchase app before the 30 days if you want to keep using it. It's a great free trial.

30 Day FREE Version: - iPhone | iPad

Sonoflex Communication App
Sono Flex
By Tobii Technology

4 STARS out of 5
iTunes Free and Paid
3 STARS out of 5 Android Free
3.5 STARS out of 5 Android Paid

An easy to use communication system for almost anyone to use. The design is well thought out. The screen is not overwhelming but it seems any word you want is preprogrammed. If it is not you can use the ABC keyword to spell it out. If you need to use picture you will be able to add them. Just select a square by holding down on it. Follow the directions and you will soon have custom photos included.

The free version allows you about 15 trials before the sound is turned off. You will be able to turn the sound on and continue using the app.

Not all assistive technology devices are the same. If you have trouble pointing into a square that is one inch by one inch this one might be a little difficult for you.

Sono Flex does not scan nor is it switch capable. But you might be able to work something out if you are using a PC platform and use other third party apps.

If you need help go to their website and email them. They are friendly and helpful.

FREE Version:

PAID Version:

FREE Version: - Android

PAID Version: - Android

Proloquo Communication App
By AssistiveWare
4 STARS out of 5

Proloquo2Go is the system that has been seen on 60 minutes. Of all the assistive technology devices this system allows 4 types of English to be selected. (American, British, Australian and Indian).

Proloquo2Go is a system that can be used by non-readers, beginning readers and advanced readers. Picture symbols accompany the text for the non-reader. There is also the option to use the keyboard on the iPhone or iPad to customize the sentence for those who are able to read and spell.

It is full of features that make using this communication system efficient and effective. You can customize the number of buttons on the screen, customize the placement of the button and customize the vocabulary. You can change the voice according to the user’s preference, male, female, adult or child.

You can use the system anywhere on the iPhone, iPod or iPad without wifi or 3G connection.

PAID Version: - iPhone  |  iPad

Verbally Communication App
By Intuary
4 STARS out of 5
4.5 STARS out of 5 PAID

VERBALLY is a system for the literate. See screen shot. The screen is divided into 4 areas. A keyboard, predetermined vocabulary, the text box and prediction buttons. You can customized the placement in the setting. The prediction is so good I can have a conversation without much delay. The prediction in the paid app is even better. It learns what you use often and those words will appear more often.

Also in the paid system you will have a choice of 3 other voices and will be able to save new phrases and send by email your thoughts and needs. And finally you will be able to use the history feature where you will be able to scan past conversations and tap what you’d like to say again.

What I really like about this system is called the Steady Hands found in the setting. If your fine motor skills are limited you turn it on. You type but if you miss that letter don’t lift your hand, just slide your finger over to the letter you need then lift.

VERBALLY is a the last of the assistive technology devices that I am familiar with. I will continue to add communication apps as I become familiar with those communication systems.

FREE Version: - iPad

PAID Version: - iPad

TalkRocket Go
By MyVoice
3.5 STARS out of 5

A lot of great improvements!

• Easy for All Ages and Abilities
TalkRocket Go was designed in collaboration with top research institutions to be easy to learn and use. Children are engaged by TalkRocket Go’s bright colors and simple shapes, while adults are proud to use an app that looks so polished and attractive.

• Location-Based Vocabularies for Faster Communication TalkRocket Go has the power to present useful words and images based on a user’s physical location. At home, work, school, and a thousand other places, TalkRocket Go users can access contextually-relevant vocabulary in seconds.

• Physical Accessibility with Scanning Most assistive technology devices require you to add an external switch for scanning. For those with dexterity challenges, TalkRocket Go comes equipped with special features for physical accessibility. Highlighting each vocabulary item one-by-one, TalkRocket Go can turn the touchscreen into one giant button, letting users make choices with their whole arm or just a pinky finger.

• Features for Families, Teachers, and Professionals TalkRocket Go is built from the ground up to be a breeze for supporters to help maintain. Supporter Studio, a fully-featured online customization tool, makes it easy to customize phrases, pictures, and places from any web browser. Automatic Backup means work on a TalkRocket Go user’s vocabulary is always safe and secure, even if a device is lost or broken.

PAID Version: - iPhone  |  iPad

PAID Version: - Android

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