Archery Bow and Arrow Apps

Do you want to aim and shoot? Archery bow and arrow! Does that work for you?

I’ve been wanting to use a bow and arrow for a long time. Finally took a lesson, and this is me beginning the aim. I was so disappointed, I hit everything but the center target. But I had so much fun learning how to use this traditional weapon. I need to go back this summer and hit the target!

That got me thinking about apps. Here are the bow and arrow apps I liked the best. There is no way these will simulate the real thing but they will hold me over until I get to the shooting range. I don’t like the ones with a man with an apple on his head but it’s that or shooting an animal. I really try not to hit the man...

Some of these shooting apps require a pull to the left to tighten the string. Some allow you to use your right hand and tighten to the right. Find the one that works for you. I'd rather shoot my arrow at an inanimate objects. Those were hard to find.

If you have an archery bow and arrow app to suggest please scroll down and submit

Archery Bow and Arrow
4.5 STARS out of 5

You have the power over the Bow and Arrow machine. When you are ready full back the string and launch an arrow. The target on a pole will moves closer or farther away your next turn. The target also moves up or down on that pole. This one seems to have an arc to the trajectory when arrow is released.

FREE Version: - all iOS devices

Archery Free- Bow and Arrow Shooting Challenge Game
By Mychaylo gerus-loukiachtchenko
4.5 STARS out of 5

This one is much like the one above. A target that floats near and farm up and down. Left hand control only because the bow and arrow is oin the left side of the screen.

FREE Version: - all iOS devices

Arrow Flick
PocketCke LLC
3 STARS out of 5

This game is well designed, it does not limit me to the use of only my left thumb to launch the arrow. I can use either hand to aim and shoot at the targets. So far no animals to shoot. Just a stuffed dummy target on a pole with a huge target on its chest.

FREE Version: - all iOS device

Bow and Arrow Free Archery Shooting game
By Angela Hayes
3.5 STARS out of 5

This archery bow and arrow set up does not need me to use my left thumb. I can use my right hand to draw the bow string to the right and get full power by watching the white bar at the top left corner turn red. I can aim with my right which so much better for me.

FREE Version: - all iOS devices

Bow and Arrow: Bamboo Temple version 2
By Ringtone LLC
3.5 STARS out of 5

Be very careful with this one. You do not want to hit the poor teddy bear. But I guess it is a take off on the movie Brave. A red-headed, arrow wielding female shooting at a bear has got to be Merida.

FREE Version: - all iOS devices

Shoot the Apple bow and arrow archery game
Psycho Bear Studios
4 STARS out of 5

This one is sad... Shoot an arrow towards an old man?... Archery Bow and Arrow, an apple on the head. Seems very dangerous. If you like the premise of shooting an apple off the man old man. This is the right app for you.

FREE Version: - all iOS devices

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