Apple iPad Tips and Tricks

iPad Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for quick and easy tips and tricks for your new Apple iPad? Find the answers you need to get the best performance from your iPad. All these tips and tricks are found when playing and working on the device. Usually something happens when you are not expecting them. You try it again and find that it is a feature no one told you about. Or by talking with others who use the same device and sharing the tips you've discovered.

Keep checking back for new tips and tricks. The features are probably kept a slight secret so that the users can feel like it is something discovered. Something between me and my Apple iPad.

If you have any Apple tips and tricks for the iPad to share, scroll down and submit.

Apple iPad tips and tricks for word processing:

To Copy a Word from a website: To copy a word on the screen, touch and hold over the word. It will be highlighted in blue with the word copy in a gray dialogue box above it. See above left picture. Tap copy.

To Copy a Sentence or more from a website: Touch and hold over the first word in the sentence or paragraph. It will be highlight in blue with 2 circles; (See above left) one in front of the word, one in back of the word. Carefully hold the dot in the back and move finger to the end of the sentence or paragraph. When you finish tap copy.

To Paste: Word or paragraph, Start with the first tip and trick to copy item. Go to the page where you want to paste item. Touch and hold on the spot where you want to paste. You will get a gray dialogue box. Select paste.

Sometimes you will get: select | select all | paste. Tap SELECT = one word highlightedTap SELECT ALL = total selection is highlightedPASTE = select it if that is what you need to do.

Other Dialogue choices: When reading a book, hold your finger on a word you might get a dialogue box with: Dictionary | Highlight | Note | Search. Play round with the dialogue selections.

Keyboard clicking: If the clicking sound of the iPad keyboard bothers you. You can turn it off. Go to SETTINGS. Select GENERAL. Select SOUNDS. Go to Keyboard Clicks and tap it off. You will be able to customize many of the sounds while you are there.

Period: You don't have to hit the period key when you are done with a sentence, just tap the space bar twice and you will have a period and a space. Ready to keep going.

Get numbers and punctuations quickly:

Hold down the number/punctuation key at the bottom of keyboard. Slide finger to the desired number or punctuation. Release and you will be back on the letter keyboard.

More Apple iPad tip and tricks

Back to Top: You’ve scrolled down a website and want to come back up to the top of the page. The quick tip and trick here is to tap anywhere on the gray menu bar. The best place is above the address bar. See photo at the top. The site will zip back to the top.

Search iPad: If you have a lot of apps on your screen and need a quick way to find an app. Swipe all the way to the right until you come to the black screen with the keyboard. The Search Page. Start typing in the name of the app. The app you are looking for will pop up. Tap it and it will go directly to that opening page.

Home Button: Double click on the home button. You will be able to change apps quickly. Swipe all the way to the right, you get the iPod icon. There you will be able to change the volume and change the brightness of the screen.

Dock Bar:

You can have up to 6 icons on your dock bar on your iPad. Just touch and hold on the icon you want on your dock. The apps will begin to shake you will also see a circle with an X in it. Don’t touch the X you will delete the app. Hold on to the app and slide it down toward the dock bar. Once the app is in the dock bar click the home button to end the process.

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