Addicting Games of
Speed and Accuracy

Do you like addicting games of speed and accuracy? Do you like the word slice, dice and dodge? And what about these words. Do you hear them being yelled out in your head? Swipe! swipe! SWA-I-PE!! Or Tap, tap, TAP… TAP-FASTER!!! These are the words I hear in my head while I am playing this games. No, I am not crazy. I'm just encouraging myself, I'm not addicted .

Just to be sure I looked up the word addicting on the Free Online Dictionary. It defines the word as to occupy (oneself) with or involve (oneself) in something habitually or compulsively. Well, I am be a little addicted to these games. If you want to join in on the fun.

Read the reviews, get-app, and-go have some fun.

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Trivia Crack
By Etermax
4.5 STARS out of 5

Just like the board game Trivial Pursuit answer questions from these categories, Entertainment, Geography, Science, History, Sports, and Arts. Here is one of the recent question, I got wrong!
Which of these rivers has the highest volume of water? As you can see it was the Amazon not the Nile. Turn over....

Some questions are easy and I feel smart, other questions are hard. Even if I can eliminate the answers down to a choice of two, a 50/50 choice. Sometimes, I still can't pick the right one.

Play your friends or play a random person. I'm forever checking to see if my opponent played her turn.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPad

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

PAID Version: - Android

Candy Crush Saga
By Limited
4 STARS out of 5

The one that got me started on addicting games. Easy! Just a matching game I thought to myself but next thing I know, I have been playing and playing and have no more lives to play.

I try to play games without help from my friends on Facebook but that didn’t last. I’m receiving and giving lives to my friends. This game can be played with or without friends, why not get involved just this time? Just don’t get so engrossed that you miss a deadline of any kind.

When my students see the Candy Crush advertisement or hear others talking about it. They indicate members of their family who play the game.

FREE Version: - iPhone | iPad

FREE Version: - Android

Frozen Free Fall
By Disney
4.5 STARS out of 5

No more of these addicting games, I said to myself. Then I found another one. The movie Frozen is so popular with Princesses Elsa and Anna. Most of my students want to finish their tasks in hopes that I will allow time to play this fun game. I find that I must referee the time spent on this addiction for myself as well as for my students.

It asks for your age when you first start the game. I’m not sure yet if it changes the game due to your age. What I know it that it gets more and more difficult. Hopefully it does not come to the point where I cannot continue without paying for more life, time or spells. Level 68 and have not had to pay for a thing nor have I called on my Facebook friends.

FREE Version: - iPhone | iPad

FREE Version: - Android

Fruit Ninja
By Halfbrick Studios
4.5 STARS out of 5

A fast paced addicting game. It is an easy game of slicing, slicing, slicing but just don't slice the bomb. A great discrimination game for the kids. Just as addicting for the grown ups. You can go into the dojo to practice slicing. Earn new swords and earn new backgrounds. You'll be able to let your friends know how you are doing on Facebook and Twitter.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

FREE Version: - Android

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version: - Android

FREE Version: -  iPad

PAID Version: -  iPad

Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots
By Halfbrick Studios
4 STARS out of 5

Another fast pace addicting slicing game by Halfbrick. Same concept different theme. I can't tell if it is harder or my hands have not learned the techniques yet.

If you like the original then you will like Puss in Boots.

FREE Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version: -  iPhone  |  iPod  |  iPad

PAID Version: - Android

Tomato Pace
By Elbow Room Apps
3.5 STARS out of 5

An easily addictive simple game to play. Get the single large tomato to the vine at the opposite end of the screen before the worms get you. If you are able to pick up the other fallen tomatoes you get extra points. But there are so many worms that I don't always make it. So I have to try again. Hey that is the definition of addicted. (involved in something compulsively)

In the free version, you can play up to 7 levels of the game. The paid version allows you to play unlimited levels.

FREE Version:

PAID Version:

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