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Little something about me.
I love technology. I was the one in the family who plugged in and programed the VCR and the flashing clock. Learned how to use the multi-featured camera, camcorder and finally the computer. I started with the Apple IIe and have kept up with the Apple technology. Which means I use the iPhone, iPad and Mac Desktop. I also have used the Samsung HTC, the Dell and the hp touch screen computers.

I’ve been a teacher in Special Education for over 30 years using technology.
It all started with a carry-on suitcase size box and a switch. A light scanned across the front when the student indicated by pressing on a switch with his head the light stopped. With that as my first experience, I learned to find the right technology for my students. Discovering the best access to educate the blind, deaf and physically challenged. Analyzing software, compatibility, compactness and ease of use.

Something else about me, I won't stand for the helpless attitude in my classroom. With these educational, functional and social apps, it proves to my students they are not helpless!

Now with touch pad technology, a lot has changed.
The visually impaired can hear what he is typing, the hearing impaired can communicate his need, the physically disabled can reach the keyboard, the multi-handicapped can deal with all these issues and more.

I got an iPad before the classroom got one. I downloaded a few apps for my students. Some where good for my students and some not so good. Again I found that I was analyzing the apps. Some apps are too loud for people with sensitive hearing, some have too much visual stimulation. Some are just too hard to use. With my experience to analyze the effectiveness of a device and its software for a user, I found it quite entertaining to analyze apps for myself (such as games, education, social media and health) and for others, therefore all the apps I try to find are usually free, easy-to-use and entertaining.

I was constantly talking about smart-phones, computers and new found apps with my family, friends and co-workers. It was then suggested to me, I get an audience for my app reviews. I had no idea how I was going to share my app discoveries. Talking to a teacher friend at lunch, she told me what I can do.

Use SBI to create a forum. She told me she had a website. She encouraged me to take this forum to share my favorite apps from iTunes and Google Play. Great but how? With a little help from her it became easy to do by myself. If you can cut and paste you can create a website about your passion. You can get as creative as you want on your webpage, design or select something from SBI and be on your way. I added Google Ads to my site. I didn't know how it would work but I started to see a little income. When I put in the time and effort to the website it pays off. I'm still in the beginning stages of creating more pages and I am loving it. To share your passion click here to begin sharing your passion.

I am very excited to have started this webpage and hope your visits here will be informative and it will help you select the right app for your busy life. So you can...


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