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This blog is a way for you to keep in contact with us.

We will:

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  • highlight paid and free mobile apps for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android users.

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    best apps for genealogy research

    Have you started your genealogy research? How far back have you gone? Anyone interesting you want to write about? These apps will help you start and find the interesting members in your history.

    Continue reading "best apps for genealogy research"

    #Archery Bow and Arrow Apps

    Do you like to aim and shoot? Archery bow and arrow! Does that work for you? These are the best selection of apps.

    Continue reading "#Archery Bow and Arrow Apps"

    Apps for Learning Fractions in a Fun and Easy Way

    Do you need to reduce, add or subtract fractions? Apps to help you review or teach the concepts.

    Continue reading "Apps for Learning Fractions in a Fun and Easy Way"

    Site Map for

    Use the site map to get a quick overview

    Continue reading "Site Map for"

    Apps for Handmade Quilts

    Do you love handmade quilts? Create beautiful quilts with the help of quilting apps.

    Continue reading "Apps for Handmade Quilts"

    Top Mobile Cell Phone Apps

    Save time with this quick and easy to use directory. These are the top rated mobile cell phone apps on the market.

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    Music App to Entertain and Learn

    Are you a music lover? Do you want to play an instrument? These amazing music apps will make you think you are. Your friends will be astounded.

    Continue reading "Music App to Entertain and Learn"

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