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Save time with this quick and easy to use directory. These are the top rated mobile cell phone apps on the market. All apps have been tried and reviewed by Annie at Get-app-and-go or fellow colleagues. 

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Find all the apps you need right here at Get-App-and-Go. We've done the researching and tried to identify the top mobile cell phone apps. Did you know there are now over 1,300,000 apps at the iTunes Store. And 1,400,000 apps at Google Play. Not to worry, we have selected the best free and paid apps on the market for you right here.

How does an app work?

App stands for application. Applications may provide a number of different functions, depending on the program. Some are designed to show news, sports or weather information. Others are used to provide maps and perhaps even GPS services. Apps can be purely for entertainment, or can serve a more practical purpose. Apps serve both the business user and the casual user, providing a broad array of choices.

With apps, users can comparison shop, track fitness level, connect with friends through social media. Users can also play games- word games, arcade games, strategy and educational games. Cell phone apps are so smart they can talk to each other. Any two smart phones with the same application can contact each other for a game. That is amazing!!

The apps you select from iTunes or from Google Play will be downloaded to your device or computer. If you download to your computer "upload" or "synch" the app onto the chosen mobile cell devices, and you are on your way.

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